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Accurate, Compliant & Verified Physician Emails

Reach over 1 million doctors across more than 120 areas of specialization with IMD’s list of physician emails.  This physician email list is validated at both the state and federal level.  Mailing address data is then verified against the USPS National Change of Address.  All physician emails are permission passed regularly to ensure both the deliverability and compliance of the doctors’ email addresses.

Our list of physician email addresses is trusted by industry leaders across the healthcare spectrum, including market research, recruitment, electronic medical records, practice management, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, continuing medical education, medical publishing, diagnostics, and directory services.

Some of the Available Fields within this List of Doctor Emails Include:

  • DEA#/NPI#/State License#/Tax ID#/UPIN#
  • Number of physicians on site
  • Practices using EMR/EHR
  • Medicare/Medicaid ID#‘s
  • Full provider name & License Type
  • Primary and secondary specialties
  • Group practice and hospital affiliations
  • Physician Emails, Postal, Phone and Fax
  • Corresponding medical office manager

Unlimited Use License

For ongoing marketing campaigns, this physician email lists can be licensed for both single-use, annual use and perpetual use, giving marketers more control over the physician emails and autonomy in management of the campaign. This is an effective strategy for marketers that want to leverage these doctor emails for multiple broadcasts, drip campaigns and multi-channel efforts. The economy of scale achieved with a physician email license can significantly reduce customer acquisition costs and is one that many of our clients have realized a tremendous amount of success with.


An iMD managed physician email broadcast is a great solution for organizations that email on a less frequent basis or are just looking to send one email which is quite common in both the recruitment and market research space. Simply provide us with your creative and selection criteria and we’ll handle the rest; everything from set up and testing to transmission and campaign tracking. Whether you are looking to license this list of doctor emails for multi-use or prefer to have iMD manage the deployments, we have a solution.

The Healthcare Market Relies on iMD

Healthcare is a unique and complex market requiring specific industry knowledge. For this reason, almost every healthcare market vertical relies on the complete data integrity of iMD.

All data is collected in accordance with applicable state & federal laws, going through a rigorous data hygiene process to ensure only the most pristine records are delivered.

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